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How to play

Objective: The purpose of the game is to get both of your opponent's hands out.

Gameplay: A player's hand goes out when it has 5 or more fingers out (the idea being that each finger represents a separately held chopstick, and it is only possible to hold 4 chopsticks separately at the same time). The game of chopsticks is a turn-based game, each player has the opportunity to and must make one move in each turn. A player can do one of two things in a turn: tap one of the other player's hands that already has one or more fingers out, or tap their own hands together. Should they choose to tap the other player's hand, the other player must put out as many extra fingers as the hand they were tapped with had (e.g.: Player 1 has 3 fingers on his left hand, and Player 2 has 1 finger on his left hand. Player 1 taps Player 2 with his left hand. Player 1 will still have 3 fingers, but Player 2 will now have 4 fingers.). If tapping another player would cause their hand to have 5 or more fingers, the hand will instead go out. Should they choose to tap their own hands together, they must then add up the total number of fingers they have on both hands, and then distribute them as they please. The fingers must be distributed differently after they tap their hands together; a player may not simply swap which fingers are on which hands. They are free to remove all fingers from a hand or bring a hand which was previously brought out of play (either by moving fingers or by have 5 or more fingers) back into play.

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